Castlehill Restaurant, Dundee

The Castlehill Restaurant is a busy establishment near the banks of the River Tay with an interior which evokes the charm and character of central Dundee. Its cuisine is traditionally Scottish with a contemporary twist, using ingredients sourced from the finest meat and fish suppliers in Scotland. The careful thought and care behind the Castlehill menu is matched by the experience it creates for its customers who come to dine in complete comfort in cosy, stylish surroundings. So, when planning the installation of the Castlehill's heating system, the customer's experience was a crucial consideration.


Dundee's changeable climate means that the Castlehill Restaurant relies on an effective heating system throughout the year. Traditional convection systems are often used for restaurants but are bulky, which means less space for diners, and heat their environments inconsistently, meaning some areas became warmer than others during a course of service.

Recommended measures

The need for space, consistency of temperature and the importance of the restaurant's overall style and aesthetic meant that infrared heating panels were ideal for the restaurant's requirements. The products chosen for the installation were:

  • 5x Redwell WE900 ceiling mounted panels - providing heat from above and freeing up valuable space in the restaurant area.
  • Salus wireless programmable heating controls - allowing heating areas to be zoned for optimum control and efficiency.

The infrared panels serve the Castlehill Restaurant in a number of ways:

  • Heating efficiency: radiant infrared heat warms its environment evenly and consistently, acting directly on surfaces and objects rather than travelling on air currents. Diners in every part of the restaurant will feel the benefits.
  • Space saving: Redwell infrared heating panels may be installed on walls or on the ceiling, saving valuable space in restaurant environments for more covers or to enhance the dining experience for existing customers.
  • Appearance and style: Redwell's infrared panels may be customised to complement surrounding decor, an advantage for spaces like the Castlehill Restaurant, where appearance is important.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness: easy to clean and maintain, Redwell infrared heating products are especially suited for food-serving environments with strict hygiene regulations.


Redwell infrared panels were fitted to the ceiling, maximising room for covers on the restaurant floor itself and increasing space for diners. The heating panels were colour-matched to the surrounding decor, blending in seamlessly and ensuring the look of the space was not affected.


The new infrared system represents a fresh, energy efficient revolution which brings the Castlehill Restaurant’s dining experience into the 21st century in a subtle, innovative way. The installation created space for an additional eight covers which boosted the restaurant’s revenue and covered the cost of the new system extremely quickly. Beyond these commercial benefits, the installation was carried out without compromising any of the charm and character of the restaurant decor.

Please browse our product range to find out how infrared heating panels could enhance your business.

“The new heating has been a stroke of genius. My energy bills have reduced, we have a nice comfortable temperature throughout the restaurant and we now have 34 covers as opposed to the 26 previously. It’s a win win win scenario for me.

Paul McMillan, Castlehill Restaurant Owner

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