Radiation Efficiency

True Infrared Heaters

IEC 60675-3:2020 is the recently issued standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission that specifies how the radiant efficiency of direct electric heaters is measured and how high this must be for such a heater to be classified as "true"infrared heaters .“

The radiation efficiency measures how much of the electrical power supplied is actually transferred to the surfaces of the room as infrared radiation power and is the most important feature.The minimum value to be achieved is 40 percent. Above this threshold, the thermal output transferred by infrared radiation outweighs that of each of the other two types of heat transfer, i.e. both convection and conduction.”

The first official measurements according to IEC 60675-3:2020 have been carried out on some of our products and we are happy to announce that all measured Redwell infrared heaters passed with flying colours.The required 40% radiation efficiency was more than exceeded by all products.

This makes Redwell one of the first companies on the market to meet this standard. We are proud of that!

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