Cottage Hotel Infrared Heating

The Cottage Hotel in Devon is a quintessential British seaside establishment: idyllic and appealing, it offers spectacular views of the scenic Hope Cove while providing guests with a high-standard of traditional hospitality. The hotel's coastal location has plays a significant role in its history: over decades, numerous ships have been wrecked in and around Hope Cove while fishing boats still trawl its waters today. Looking out over the bay, the hotel bar represents a focal point of the building so the owners decided to give the room a maritime theme as part of the wider refurbishment - they wanted their heating system to be a part of the aesthetic effect.

Assessment & Recommendation

The Cottage Hotel's bar already includes several maritime features which contribute to the room's overall atmosphere, but the owners also wanted to reference some of the famous shipwrecks which occurred around the Cove. The bar itself is a popular spot for both guests and locals which meant high customer turnover and creating a consistent temperature would be factors for any new heating installation. As with any drinking or dining area, space was a consideration - the new heating system would have to provide sufficient room for covers.

To complement the historic, maritime theme of the bar - and provide patrons with a consistent level of comfort, Redwell infrared panel heaters, printed with bespoke photography were installed in the Cottage Hotel. The panels addressed the specific requirements of the bar's refurbishment:

Recommended measures

  • Consistency: via wireless thermostat, infrared panels offer precise temperature control over the area in which they are installed - a significant advantage for a changeable coastal climate.
  • Space: Redwell panel heaters are flat and can be installed against walls - optimising space for extra covers across the bar area.
  • Customisation: panel heaters can be customised with bespoke artwork or photography and can be framed - ideal for displaying images which reference the heritage and history of their surrounding environment.


  • Two WE420 and one WE600 Redwell "Private Print" Heating Panels - featuring bespoke printed photographs of historic shipwrecks from the Devonshire coastline
  • Salus Wireless programmable heating controls - allowing heating areas to be zoned for optimum control and efficiency

Redwell Private Print panels were installed against the bar walls. Each was printed with black and white photographs depicting episodes from the Cottage Hotel's maritime heritage, including the famous wreck of the Herzogin Cecilie and the crew of another wreck, The Tajandoen. Powered 100% by electricity, the panels could be connected to the hotel's mains supply, meaning no significant additional work or time added to the refurbishment.


In addition to providing an unprecedented level of temperature control, the printed infrared panels have become part of the atmosphere and aesthetic of the hotel bar. The vintage photographs featured on the infrared panels offer a glimpse into the history of the building and the surrounding region, and evoke its rich maritime heritage - enhancing its appeal to guests and locals alike. The wall installations mean that bar patrons can relax in extra space in an environment free from cluttered pipes - while the panels infrared heat delivers comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

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[The infrared heaters] are all the talk. Guests love them - they are always asking where they can get them!

William Ireland, Cottage Hotel Owner

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