Holiday Lodge Infrared Heating

The beautiful coastline of Dorset boasts stunning views and this location in Swanage is no exception. The owner of this holiday lodge asked for RedwellGB's help in providing a heating solution, primarily for background heating in the winter months to protect his investment from the cold. Equally important was to provide a maintenance free system and something that would aesthetically compliment the interior and maximise the opportunity for more space.


The holiday lodge in Swanage was a traditional two bedroom lodge with an existing wet heating system fuelled by LPG, typical of these kinds of properties.

The owner was concerned with the possibility of mould, mildew and deterioration of the internal fabric and contents of the lodge due to dampness and condensation in the absence of heating and maintaining a stable temperature throughout the winter months when the lodge would be in limited use, and was keen to maintain a minimum background temperature of 10 degrees – Redwell could provide the perfect heating solution.

Recommended measures

In order to fulfil the clients requirements and ensure a reliable and effective background heating was achieved we installed a range of Redwell infrared heating panels in every room.

  • Consistency: Individual thermostat controls would allow each panel to be controlled with precision, creating consistent temperatures and further reducing waste.
  • Installation: Redwell panels would be easily integrated – wall mounted and power being supplied from existing sockets.
  • Reliability: Redwell panels require zero maintenance in comparison to typical convection heaters and boilers since they involve no moving parts.
  • Appearance: Redwell infrared panels could be customised with bespoke printed designs to compliment the interior décor and stunning views over the Dorset coastline.
  • Space: Flat infrared panels would free up valuable space, improving the opportunity for furniture layout - more space means less clutter throughout the holiday lodge.


The following Redwell infrared heating panels were supplied to provide a perfect heating solution:

  • Lounge/Dining: WE900 Private Print above the fireplace & a WE910 Private Print in the dining area.
  • Kitchen: WE350 at high level, unobtrusive and out the way
  • Bedrooms: WE420 Private Print panels to compliment the decor
  • Bathrooms: R400 Mirror panels providing a practical solution
  • Thermostatic controls: Salus programmable thermostats used throughout.

Redwell also completed the full installation in one day, keeping disruption to a minimum and no need for expensive refurbishment costs.


    Further to the heating installation in November 2015, Mr Morling, the owner stated at the end of January 2016,

    "I visited for the first time since the start of January on Tuesday to find:- Virtually no water within the de-humidifier units, no dampness or condensation whatsoever throughout the lodge, a temperature in all rooms of 12 degrees C. Consumption costs for January which included security lighting and fridge/freezer of £2 per day.

    In conclusion I consider the installation an outstanding success in protecting the internal fabric of the lodge during the closed season and also providing the ideal heating for use during winter months".

    Please browse our product range to find out how infrared heating panels could enhance your home.

    I recently had Redwell Infra-red panels installed in my holiday lodge, primarily for background heating during the winter months (to avoid corrosion, mould and general internal deterioration), but they have also totally transformed the comfort of use in winter months. With room thermostat controls on these aesthetically attractive panels, together with very low energy consumption combined with heat storage properties, temperatures are controlled to within half a degree of that desired and at a daily winter cost of less than a glass of wine.

    With lodges being supplied on pitches with a capital costs in the region of 150k and annual licence fees of circa 5k, the cost of a Redwell infra-red heating installation is in my opinion excellent value, transforming the comfort of a lodge throughout the year to that of a modern home!

    Mr Peter Morling, Owner

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