Hotel Ankora Infrared Heating, Prague

The Hotel Ankora is a popular tourist sanctuary at the heart of Prague. The city's changeable climate means that a functional, efficient heating system is a crucial part of the hotel's infrastructure. With this in mind, hotel management decided that an upgrade to its outdated convection heaters needed to take place - and Redwell's innovative infrared heating panels provided the ideal solution.


It was important that the heating upgrade maintained the Hotel Ankora's clean, cosy appeal to guests - while also enhancing the energy efficiency of the building. The use and available space of guest rooms was also a consideration. The heating upgrade was to take place over three floors of hotel and in its reception, an area covering 692 square metres. The building walls consisted of a mixture of concrete and mineral wool insulation.

Recommended measures

Given the hotel's energy needs and the importance of guest comfort, Redwell infrared panels were chosen for its new heating system. Redwell panels offer a number of advantages for the Hotel Ankora, including:

  • Shape: slim and unobtrusive, Redwell infrared panels can be mounted on walls or any flat surface - maximising space and maintaining the utility of the room.
  • Aesthetic: Redwell panels can be printed with bespoke artwork or designs, ideal for environments, like hotels, in which style and appearance are important.
  • Function: the heating dynamic of infrared technology is suited to changeable environments like Prague - desired temperatures can be reached quicker than convection heaters.
  • Efficiency: infrared heating panels are more efficient than convection systems, generating less dust and moisture and conserving more energy.
  • Hygiene: by eliminating dust, moisture and bacteria, infrared heaters improve guest experiences and make cleaning easier.


The installation at the Hotel Ankora took place relatively rapidly. Old convection systems were removed before Redwell heating panels were installed on bedroom walls and in bathrooms - on three floors of the hotel and in reception. The Redwell panels used in the Hotel Ankora featured floral photography which complemented surrounding decor. Heating panels fitted in bathrooms featured mirrored surfaces to serve a space-saving dual-purpose.

Redwell panels are powered by electricity, which meant the installation could proceed without the need for extensive plumbing supervision, speeding the whole process up and returning the rooms to normal use quickly.


The Redwell Heating panels installed in the Hotel Ankora have enhanced the building's energy efficiency, increased available space and improved guests experiences. The hotel’s total power consumption for the new heating system is 40kW/h, a reduction of 60% when compared to the old convection system, offering a significant saving in running costs with the additional benefits of added control and comfort.

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