Luxury Eco Lodge Infrared Heating

Findhorn Sands luxury eco lodges are situated in Morayshire, just minutes walk from Findhorn Bay and the beautiful beaches and sand dunes of the Scottish coastline. The lodges are all privately owned and with quality being at the forefront of design and manufacture RedwellGB were asked to provide heating solutions for the lodges that are not only energy efficient but would compliment the aesthetics and quality of these beautifully crafted individual eco lodges. Whilst some owners frequent their lodges more than others the remote access via mobile app allows the heating to be switched on in plenty time prior to arrival for a weekend break.


The lodges vary in layout, design and size. We work closely with Carbon Dynamic, the manufacturer and the owners to provide a bespoke heating solution to meet with their requirements.

Starting with the architectural plans and technical details of each lodge we complete a heat loss calculation. This allows us to ensure the correct kW heaters are specified throughout the lodge. We then focus on the desired surface finish the owner would prefer for each heating panel. Every lodge is different, but with over 80 heating panels to choose from we can ensure a solution is available for every application whether that be a blackboard in the kitchen, mirrors in the bedrooms, towel dryers in the bathrooms or even a unique piece of artwork applied to a panel.

Recommended measures

We work closely with the owners to ensure we provide a heating solution complimentary to each luxury eco lodge.

  • Consistency: Individual remote thermostat controls allow each lodge to be controlled with precision, creating the desired thermal comfort one wishes and further reducing Co2 emissions.
  • Installation: Redwell panels are easily integrated with designs complete in advance of manufacture ensuring all provisions for power and thermostat is complete in advance.
  • Reliability: Redwell panels require zero maintenance in comparison to typical convection heaters and boilers since they involve no moving parts.
  • Appearance: Redwell infrared panels are available in a range of finishes and can be customised with bespoke printed designs to compliment the interior décor.
  • Space: Infrared panels free up valuable space due to their positioning, improving the opportunity for furniture layout - more space means less clutter throughout these luxury lodges.


We believe in "form" & "function" when it comes to Redwell heating and in order to fulfil the owners heating and furnishing requirements we install a bespoke selection of Redwell infrared heating panels in every lodge. Some examples are:

  • Lounge/Dining areas: A selection from our Private Prints
  • Kitchens: Blackboards, providing a practical edition to the room
  • Bedrooms: Our R800 Mirror panels provide a full length dressing mirror
  • Bathrooms: Towel Dryers are available in a range of mirror or glass finishes
  • Thermostatic controls: Sleek and stylish Heatmiser controls provide excellent functionality

Redwell heating systems have no moving parts, allowing fast installation and vastly reducing their potential for problems and failures. Unlike water-based heating or fan-assisted systems, which may generate repair costs or the need for replacement parts, infrared technology requires virtually no maintenance or servicing.


    The new heating systems are more controllable, providing excellent thermal comfort and vastly reducing both waste heat and energy costs. The printed and glass panels deliver unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing colour and character, enhancing the style of the lodges while the mirrored panels serve an extremely useful dual-purpose in the bedrooms and bathrooms. With no water pipes or connections for the heating, concerns about burst pipes arising from frost and maintenance have been eliminated whilst the owners at Findhorn Sands are now free to enjoy consistent and cosy temperatures throughout their lodge.

    Please browse our product range to find out how infrared heating panels could enhance your home.

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