McLean Street Infrared Heating

The owners of a house on McLean Street in northern Dundee had decided to convert their mid-century home into a modern rental property. Before that could happen however, they wanted to give the property a full refurbishment - which included a heating system overhaul. The McLean Street property was built in the mid-1900s and, with the new tenants in mind, the landlord wanted a system which would provide comforting but cost effective heat. A second, but equally important, consideration was that the new Redwell Heating System would require zero maintenance in comparison to a traditional heating system.


The McLean Street property itself was a traditional two bedroom house with no specific heating problems to consider prior to the installation. The house did feature an existing gas central heating boiler, but with new tenants entering the property, the landlord was keen to install a new system which would provide a superb level of comfort and be relied upon for years without developing maintenance issues and annual servicing costs - a Redwell heating system was the perfect solution.

Recommended measures

In order to deliver energy efficiency, reliability and a high level of comforting heat to every part of the house, Redwell heating panels were chosen for the McLean Street installation:

  • Comforting heat: using infrared technology, which heats objects rather than the air, Redwell panels would deliver a much greater level of comforting heat
  • Installation: with a refurbishment in progress, including a whole house re-wire Redwell panels would be easily integrated - removing obtrusive radiators and pipework.
  • Reliability: Redwell panels require zero maintenance in comparison to typical convection heaters and boilers since they involve no moving parts.
  • Repair: In circumstances where maintenance to the property may be required, Redwell panels can simply be unplugged from the wall and plugged back in after repairs.


A number of Redwell heating panels were chosen for the installation:

  • Lounge: WE-Line 1100 heater installed in landscape-style at a high level - maximising space for furniture at a lower level.
  • Kitchen: Largeround heater mounted on the ceiling to free up practical space.
  • 2x Bedrooms: WE800 heaters installed in portrait style - slimline and unobtrusive.
  • Bathroom: R420 Mirror heater - comforting heat and a useful mirrored surface.
  • Thermostat control: Salus programmable thermostats used throughout. 

Redwell also organised the removal of the property's existing gas boiler - and the installation of a "Point of Use" hot water system in the bathroom and kitchen. The whole installation was completed in 1 day - with minimum disruption.


    The new Redwell heaters have achieved the landlords' goals of a central heating system offering a higher level of efficiency and comfort for their McLean street property. Since tenants moved in, use of the panels has been problem-free and no maintenance issues have been reported. The enhanced heating system has translated to happy landlords - and by extension, happy tenants.


    Our main goal was to ensure we had little or no maintenance with our rental property. These days it is important to keep heating costs down, or a tenant may look for alternative accommodation. After all happy tenants are good tenants.

    Landlord, McLean Street

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