New Cottage Infrared Heating

Rural Angus is full of rolling hills and ancient forests with many of the region's dwellings sharing that history. We were asked to examine 'New Cottage', a traditionally built, three bedroom, semi-detached cottage which, thanks to a failing boiler, required a replacement heating system. The owners were keen to maintain the idyllic, historic appeal of their home and avoid extensive installation work.


Our assessment revealed two problems with the existing oil-fired, wet central heating system. Firstly, waste heat was causing power bills to creep up over time and secondly, the boiler was starting to show its age through increasingly frequent problems. The owners of New Cottage needed a replacement heating system which could provide the peace of mind they wouldn't be left in the cold. Maintaining the rural style of their home was also an important consideration.

Recommended measures

To achieve consistent temperatures, reduce waste heat, and combat maintenance problems, replacing the existing central heating system with infrared was the obvious solution for New Cottage.

  • Practicality: flat infrared panels would create practical space in New Cottage since they could be installed against walls and arranged to achieve complete coverage.
  • Efficiency: infrared panels convert all electricity they use to heat making them almost 100% efficient at point of use, and free from the waste problems of gas boilers.
  • Maintenance: infrared panels involve no moving parts and attract less dust and moisture than convection systems. Maintenance problems are extremely rare.
  • Appearance: Redwell infrared panels could be customised with bespoke printed designs to complement surrounding decor and the character of the building.
  • Consistency: individual thermostat controls would allow each panel to be controlled with precision, creating consistent temperatures and further reducing waste.


The Redwell infrared panels chosen for the New Cottage installation were:

  • Lounge: R1100 mirror panel above the fireplace & a WE910 'Private Print' panel in the open plan lounge/dining area.
  • Kitchen: R800 black glass panel.
  • Master bedroom: WE800 'Private Print' panel.
  • Bathroom: R420 mirror panel.
  • Thermostat control: Salus programmable thermostats used throughout.

Redwell also organised and oversaw the removal of New Cottage's existing boiler and its replacement with a 'point of use' hot water system in the kitchen and bathroom. The installation was carried out in less than a day and took place with minimum disruption.


    The new heating system is more controllable, vastly reducing both waste heat and energy costs. The customised 'Private Print' panels deliver colour and character and enhance the rural style of the building while the mirrored panels serve an extremely useful dual-purpose in the lounge and bathroom. With the boiler removed, concerns about maintenance have also been eliminated and the owners of New Cottage are now free to enjoy consistent and cosy temperatures throughout their home.

    Please browse our product range to find out how infrared heating panels could enhance your home.

    I'm delighted with my new heating, it not only works great and is cheaper to run but it looks fantastic and is always a talking point with friends and family

    Elizabeth Stewart, Owner

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