Social Housing Hybrid Heating System

The Craigiebank area of Dundee is home to many of the region's non-standard construction dwellings including approximately 100 Atholl system properties built in the 1920’s. We were asked to provide a heating solution for kitchens and hallways in each of these homes as part of a major refurbishment project being completed by GoSustainable, the main contractor. Abertay Housing Association was keen to find a solution to free up valuable wall space where traditional radiators would normally be situated, whilst providing energy efficiency and comfort for their tenants.

After careful consideration Redwell's 400 and 610 watt Round heating panels with independent programmable thermostats were considered to be the best solution. The infrared heating panels would provide much needed comfort in specific areas where it was not possible to include traditional wall mounted radiators.


Our assessment revealed a lack of wall space in both kitchens and on stairwell landings where heating was required. It was important to maximize wall space in kitchens to allow Abertay Housing Association to achieve their storage capacity for Scottish Housing Quality Standards (SHQS) whilst there was simply no safe and practical place to mount a traditional radiator within stairwell areas. The heating would have to be fully controllable and work in conjunction with the new gas central heating system being installed throughout the bulk of habitable rooms in the properties. The perfect solution would be to install Redwell Round heating panels on the ceilings freeing up that invaluable wall space with fully programmable room stats to ensure minimum energy costs and maximum comfort for tenants

Recommended measures

In order to deliver energy efficiency, reliable and a maintenance free heating solution to kitchens and hallways, Redwell heating panels were chosen for the Craigiebank project:

  • Space: Ceiling mounted infrared panels would free up valuable space, improving capacity for kitchens and tenant comfort in their refurbished home.
  • Reliability: Redwell panels require zero maintenance in comparison to typical convection heaters and boilers since they involve no moving parts.
  • Installation: with a refurbishment in progress, including a whole house re-wire Redwell panels would be easily integrated - removing obtrusive radiators and pipework.


A number of Redwell heating panels were chosen for the installation:

  • Kitchens & Hallways: Round heaters mounted on the ceiling to free up much needed wall space.
  • Thermostat control: Programmable thermostats used throughout.

RedwellGB complete all heat loss calculations and supply heaters and thermostats for installation by the main contractor GoSustainable.


    The new Redwell heaters have achieved Abertay Housing Associations' goals of a simple but effective heating solution offering a high level of efficiency and comfort for their properties. Since tenants have returned to their re-furbished homes, use of the panels has been problem-free and no maintenance issues have been reported. The enhanced heating system has translated to a happy client - and by extension, happy tenants.

    Please browse our product range to find out how infrared heating panels could enhance your home.

    Our main goal was to ensure we had heating in areas that were tight for space and something with little or no maintenance. The added benefit of having freed up invaluable wall space in kitchens has ensured we now have more storage space, something we needed to address for SHQS.

    Derek Black, Abertay Housing Association

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