Our homes are the most important place in the world to us. Not only do they offer a sanctuary from the stresses of daily life, but they give a place to really unwind in. Of course, one great benefit of owning your own home is being able to stamp your own personality onto it. There are some tried and tested ways to do this, including putting fresh paint on the walls or adding new furnishings and accessories.

But have you thought about using Infrared picture heating to do this also? We all need a way to heat our homes when it gets cold but this does not always mean ugly standard radiators. With modern Infrared picture heaters, you get an effective way to not only decorate your home, but stay warm too. They can be printed with a standard design or a picture of your choice to really add your own touch to the property.



When it comes to home interior design, family photographs are always worth considering. They not only make the place feel more homely, but also let everyone see how important family is to you. This makes selecting a special family photo to be printed onto the heater a great design idea.


Sometimes life can seem tough, which is when you need a pick me up to bounce back. After a long day at work, what could be better than looking at a sun-kissed beach to help unwind? It gets even more relaxing with a glass of wine in hand!


If you want to bring some nature into the room but don't have space for houseplants or flowers, why not add a print of some to your picture heating? This is a quick way to go about it and saves you spending money on replacing real ones when they die. This type of stylish printed heating can bring a real air of calm to any room.

Here at Redwell GB, we can turn your infrared electric heater into a real work of art with our picture printing service. This not only saves you space but is an easy way to inject personality into any room. Made from printed, powder-coated stainless steel, they can be wall or ceiling mounted. Get in touch today for more details.